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Undieshorts® Launch New Sizes and Stylish New Colors for Modesty-Minded Parents and Their Little Girls

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Undieshorts, the number one comfortable privacy undershorts for little girls, has unveiled a fantastic selection of new products, just in time for those warmer summer months.

The brand has launched a new size 16 to accommodate growing young girls, as well as range of bold and bright new colors, including hot pink, turquoise, yellow and red – so little girls can choose their favorite colors while still retaining their dignity and modesty.

The cotton undershorts have been a hit worldwide, eliminating the need for multiple undergarments to boost little girls’ privacy when they wear dresses or skirts. Made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex for extra comfort, the garments offer a sanitary solution for those all-important years after potty training.

Lisette Rivera, founder of Little Gia, the company behind the innovative Undieshorts, says, “We’re thrilled to be expanding our range of privacy undergarments for little girls, offering them new ways to maintain their dignity and privacy during their younger years. During the summer months especially, we know that little girls love to run, jump and play in skirts and dresses that keep them cool – and the Undieshorts offer an ideal way to avoid uncomfortable layering while preserving their modesty.”

Lisette founded Little Gia after she noticed that her little girl was not getting enough privacy when she wore skirts or dresses. Lisette and her husband had to walk the tricky line between teaching their daughter to sit properly at all times, while still encouraging her to play with total freedom. Eventually, Lisette realized this wasn’t an isolated problem, but there were no products on the market to meet this important demand. Thus, Little Gia and Undieshorts were born!

After the potty training years, many girls are still incredibly active and curious, ready to roll up their sleeves and play, get involved in sports and head off on their own adventures. Boys can have all of these experiences in trousers and shorts without worrying about their own privacy, whereas girls are often stifled by flimsy skirts and dresses which can fly up at any given time.

Lisette adds, “The audience for Undieshorts is continuing to grow. Looking to the future, we plan to unveil more colorways and patterns over the coming months, as well as considering innovative new products that always protect the best interests of your children.”

Undieshorts come with a 100% cotton liner inside, which means they can replace standard underwear and prevent girls from overheating in too many layers. The shorts also come without a tag at the waistband, so there’s no itching or chafing against sensitive skin. The shorts are easy to pull up – great for girls who just finished potty training and ideal for sleepwear, dance, school uniforms, gymnastics and cheer leading.

Undieshorts are available in a number of options, including carefully chosen packs to cater to different needs. The Spring/Summer Collection features three pairs of shorts in the summery palette of pink, lilac and white, while the three-pack School Collection consists of navy, black and khaki shorts, which are sure to complement any back-to-school wardrobe while adhering to important dress codes.

UndieShorts are available to purchase on their website, through local retailers, and Amazon.

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