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I am a mom of 2 beautiful kids and in early 2011, I took a leap of faith. After my daughter was potty trained my husband and I noticed that our little girl was not getting enough privacy when she wore dresses or skirts, her undies could all too often be seen. We found ourselves constantly trying to teach her how to sit properly so she won’t be unintentionally exposed. How difficult it can be to try to remind your little girls to sit properly and give her the freedom to play without the worry of being exposed. Besides our daughter deserving more privacy, mothers and fathers today understand how important it is to protect their little girls. I found myself trying to find an undergarment that will provide both privacy and comfort. However when I would go to the stores to find an undergarment that could hide the undies, all I could find were little shorts or spandex leggings. My biggest challenge was my daughter complaining of feeling uncomfortable or itchy by the multiple layering of undergarments. I then wondered how could I give my daughter both privacy and comfort? This is when I decided to create an all in one undergarment solution, UndieShorts®. This product has allowed my daughter to have the modesty, privacy and comfort necessary when wearing dresses or skirts. UndieShorts® provides parents the peace of mind of knowing that our little girls now have the freedom to play without compromising their dignity. 

About the Company

Since 2011, Little Gia has been producing quality privacy undergarment solutions for girls called UndieShorts®. Designed by a mother of two, the main focus on the undergarment was to ensure that young girls end up with a comfortable solution that maintains dignity and privacy as they continue to grow through the years after potty training.

The passion behind Little Gia, can be found in the dedication in providing parents with an All in One modesty shorts solution. These undergarments are designed to be the best solution for parents and their daughters; ensuring a sanitary solution that is designed to remain comfortable. 
UndieShorts® are ideal for wearing under dresses or under skirts. Careful consideration has been placed in the garment styles to ensure that your child has the best and most comfortable design; eliminating the discomfort feeling of similarly designed protective undergarments. 
In fact, UndieShorts® are so comfortable the original design became a favorite of the owner’s daughter as she found them comfortable enough to wear as sleepwear. More importantly, the layers of clothing were reduced, allowing her to play and have even more fun, without being bogged down by too many layers of protective clothing. 

As the audience continues to grow for Little Gia, focus remains on continuing to develop additional Styles and Size selections. With a focus on protection and the best interest of the children that they serve, you can count on this being a company you can invest your trust in. 

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